Re: configuration help

>I searched far and wide for pmegenhance and couldn't get the source or
>any hint of binaries. Did find the man page once. Can someone point me
>to it. Thanks.

It's part of the pbmplus (aka netpbm) set of tools. Try on a sunsite
mirror at apps/graphic/convert.

I haven't tried pgmenhance, but I noticed that the GIMP's enhance
filter does a nice job on the 64 grey pictures I get out of my
quickcam. The main problem with the quickcam pictures is the contrast
isn't great, things are a bit blurry. The enhancement cleaned that up.
The GIMP is a free Photoshop-like program, see
interesting and ambitious project, by the way.

For people setting up their quickcams for the first time, I really
recommend trying out xfqcam - at least, for me it is currently the
easiest to use interactive program.