bidirectional madness


  I just got my quickcam a few days ago, grabbed all the stuff I could find,
and settled on Tom Davis' kernel driver (I can't stand port twiddling!)

  I'm having a great old time with it, once I figured out how to get
the module to load okay that is.. (also my first kernel module experience)

  I have python code now which will snap pgms (one or many) to disk, and
in the next few days hope to have a c-module to be compiled into the
python interpreter. The code I wrote is available at

  There were quite a few problems associated with my machine locking
up tight when I was learning this stuff, but finally I've located the
problem. I can scan just fine when using the unidirectional mode, 
(about 0.9 fps 320x200x6bit on P90), but as soon as I try bidirectional,
BOOM! dead. 

  I'm SURE that I have a bidirectional port, because it's built-in
to the motherboard and in the setup menu I can choose from uni/bi/ECP
settings. When it is in uni or ECP, the qcam probes report it as uni.
When it's set to bi-mode, the probes report it as bidirectional (on fire! :)

  The windows quickpict also reports it as bidirectional and works, but
it doesn't appear any faster than when the port is set to uni mode..

  So - the question is, is there a problem with the code or with my

							Dave Mitchell

ps- THANK YOU to the people who are working so hard on this!! Screw