configuration help


I just received my connectix ... hooked the sucker right up, first to my 
windows box, just to see what it is supposed to look like... worked great.

Moved it over to my linux box, kicked everyone off the system, rebooted
and compled the qcam-0.3 program. 

I'm trying to get it to take a good picture, but it's coming out very very 
bad looking.  Most of the time it comes out as a black picture, with maybe
a small part of my shirt. 

It's sitting to the left of me on a desk about 48" away.  I'm using 

qcam -b 255 -c 100 -w 80 -x 320 -y 200 -p 0x378 2>/dev/null | 
cjpeg > office.jpg

as my capture command.   

I've tried playing around with numbers, but it seems very unpredictable, 
the same number don't give you the same picture all the time?!? 

Does anyone have any suggestions? 


Aram W. Mirzadeh, MIS Manager, Qosina Corporation
http://www.qosina.com/~awm/, awm@qosina.com
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