Re: New QuickCam picture site

On Sun, 11 Feb 1996, Chris DiPierro wrote:

> > My next version might allow the remote user to specify brightness/white 
> > balance options to qcam...unless an auto-exposure qcam is written.
> What my roomate and I did for this (check out http://biteme.dorm.umd.edu/) 
> was to write a small program that looked at the PPM file, and averaged 
> the pixel brightness...if it is below 30, it'd adjust the white balance 
> appropriately and the same goes for above 30. The camera takes a picture 

I was thinking it would be really cool if qcam would do this...i.e. take 
a quick snap at 80x60x4, examine the average (perhaps even center 
weighted as many cameras are / used to be) and adjust accordingly before 
outputing the real image.

> every 3 seconds or so, and just displays the most recent to the 
> user...works neat, check it out.

I considered this...but since it uses rsh to get a remote system to take 
the picture, I didn't want to abuse the network if nobody was actually 
viewing the pictures.

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