New QuickCam picture site

Ok...I've finished the first somewhat usable looking version of my 
QuickCam CGI script.  The page to use it is 

It will give you a picture shot just for you unless someone else is
running the script...in which case it gives you the most recently shot
image...unless the lights are off, in which case you'll still get a fresh
image, but it will be mostly black with a bit of light coming
through a doorway and a bit of flare from the rack to right. 

It used to beep just before shooting the picture...but that annoyed the 
heck out of the others in the office.

My next version might allow the remote user to specify brightness/white 
balance options to qcam...unless an auto-exposure qcam is written.

This is all being done with a borrowed quickcam...but I plan to purchase 
at least one, hopefully before returning this one.

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