Re: More stuff... (fwd)

On 06-Feb-96 Raymond Rusk wrote:
>>Sgt Daniel W. Erskine wrote:
>>   The user "Lserk@caesar.safb.af.mil" does not (repeat) DOES NOT exist on my
>> machine, nor was this message generated on my machine!!!
>I think that there must have been something odd about the original message
>because on my system the return address appeared as:
>	From: Lser\kD@UVic.CA, <dgdimick@deltanet.com>

I think the mail may be coming from My ISP's Mail Server as I'm 
But I have no idea why this is happening...
I have forwarded a copy of the "Error Message" to my ISP...

Thanks. Denis
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E-Mail: dgdimick@deltanet.com
Date: 02/06/96
Time: 13:18:20

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