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> and asked if there was anyway to convert it for use on the PC and was
> told "No We make one for the PC also" So, Am I out of luck?

Anyone out there feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but...

The Mac version draw its power from the DIN port that it connects with,
while the PC version connects to both the parallel port and the keyboard
port, the second connection for power. Also, the PC version has a higher
color-depth than the Mac version. (Got that from the Connectix web page.)

So I *think* there is more than just a difference in cables, perhaps an
internal controller chip. If you could get pinouts for both the PC and
mac cables, you could try an adapter, though I don't think it would work.
My opinion is mostly due to the fact that the two models have different
capabilities. Plus, if a simple adapter would work, why are there two
different models?


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