Re: Update on CU-SeeMe

> Just a quick note, in case anyone actually tries to follow my
> instructions.. I've gotten mail from two or three people who've tried
> to set up NV/CU-SeeMe under Linux with my doc and have gotten nowhere.

> I'm not really sure what to say at this point. The problems are
> frustrating, partly because I don't understand NV at all and partly
> because they don't give out source to the reflector (argh!). I've had
> two Linux people try to connect to my own NV-enabled reflector across
> the net: one timed out, the other managed to stay connected with a low
> transmit rate (8kbps). The second looked promising - it looked like
> data was being sent to our computers, but nothing was being seen. It's
> possible there's some problem with more than one NV client connected
> to the reflector.

> I do promise that I have it working. Me, on my linux box, ppp link to
> a LAN running a reflector, CU-SeeMe people on the net at large
> connected to my reflector. If someone else makes it work, please let
> me know.

I came across this problem a while ago, and that was with an old
reflector (Which BTW I have the source for)..

The Cuseeme/NV encoding in the Reflector is ENDIAN specific
(much like the problems in the NV program itself) and hence
you can ONLY speak to reflectors on Sun's etc.

I don't believe white pine has fixed this problem, as I think there
are no sites running reflectrs on PC's doing the NV stuff.

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