Re: Update on CU-SeeMe

Good news!
These two hosts work as reflectors!

So the problem is not with NV, but rather the reflectors (i've
tried nv on suns connecting to cucme and they don't work too)

The strange thing is... they report version 1.0-b3 ???
is that a production version from white pine???


Nelson Minar wrote:
> Just a quick note, in case anyone actually tries to follow my
> instructions.. I've gotten mail from two or three people who've tried
> to set up NV/CU-SeeMe under Linux with my doc and have gotten nowhere.
> I'm not really sure what to say at this point. The problems are
> frustrating, partly because I don't understand NV at all and partly
> because they don't give out source to the reflector (argh!). I've had
> two Linux people try to connect to my own NV-enabled reflector across
> the net: one timed out, the other managed to stay connected with a low
> transmit rate (8kbps). The second looked promising - it looked like
> data was being sent to our computers, but nothing was being seen. It's
> possible there's some problem with more than one NV client connected
> to the reflector.
> I do promise that I have it working. Me, on my linux box, ppp link to
> a LAN running a reflector, CU-SeeMe people on the net at large
> connected to my reflector. If someone else makes it work, please let
> me know.

David Chow
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332
Internet:gt9351c@prism.gatech.edu, chow@cc.gatech.edu

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