disk dilema

Ok guys, let's solve this one.  Windows can record decently to disk and
they are even going thru VideoForWindows layer, so *we* should be able
rock.  Here's 3 methods I've explored and the main problems with each.

* asynchronous file i/o- when data is flushed several frames get lost.
Framerate at any give moment is very good, but lost frames cause a bad
reduction in overall framerate- plus jarring gaps in motion.

* file i/o with syncs- leads to constant framerate- but at a seriously
degraded level.

* all in memory- some of my initial testing was encouraging but others,
especially with large frame sizes lead to a swap-o-rama. People's RAM &
swap space are certainly much smaller than available regular disk space.

 Another method I'm considering: opening a pipe and forking.  The
recording process writes to the pipe and the child manages bufferring
and writing.  My theory is that while the parent is sleep()ing the child
will get yielded time and write its data...

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