Greetings all, how about a mirror?

Hello everyone, yet another newbie to the qcam world.

First off, I wanted to ask what everyone is -using- to update their webpages?
I would imagine it's something that actually detects the camera pretty 
much all the time, then spits out GIF files which one references in their 
pages.  Sounds cool.

Also, I wanted to let everyone know that at this moment I'm setting up 
mirrors for the 5 (that I can see) qcam projects going on.

You can find them all (in their creative directory names), at
ftp.netural.com:/pub/qcam.  I thought this would be a good idea because

A)	Links go down, unfortunately it happens.
B)	One of the sites is in Japan (no inter-racial tensions here, just
	bad cross-seas links)
C)	I hate having to go hunt for stuff, and I'm the admin here.  :-)

Also, does anyone know if there's been any activity on the FreeBSD front 
with regards to these wonderful little boxes?

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