Re: XFqcam

> must be i've messed up my system when i 'recovered' from my crash.
> i am still using qcam-0.0 to grab the frames for my website, and
> possibly it's leaving my camera in a strange state?
> i don't mind that it won't autotect, but it doesn't seem to work 
> when i tell it what port, either.  

Aah!  That's the problem.  The old versions of qcam (pre-0.2, maybe 
pre-0.3) don't reset the camera when they close, and this breaks the 
detection code.  The code ignores the -p option if it's specified by 
someone other than root.  Use the configuration file, that's what it's 

> oh, and i'm thinking of mailing the Windoze software back to 
> Connectix, still shrinkwrapped..

Interesting :-).