Re: mpeg encoder

Paul Chinn wrote:
[stuff deleted]
> The problem is with the disk access- it's killing me- it appears the
> system is not multitasking the disk io, instead it buffers up over
> several frames, then it writes to disk and a couple frames are lost.
> This occurs even if I have plenty of cpu time to burn.  For example,
> without the disk access, I can achieve 15fps at 160x120.  So I go to
> record at a paltry 5 fps but I lose frames left and right.  I have tried
> both the fopen routines and open with O_NDELAY.
[stuff deleted]
> Any ideas from the crowd?  Either in modifying the algorithm or
> something about disk i/o to handle this.
	I'm curious as to whether you're using an IDE drive or SCSI
  and if SCSI, what type of controller.  If you're using IDE, which
  kernel version and which IDE driver you are using. (old or new)

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