Re: xfqcam not auto detecting cameras (fwd)

> I've seen some posts and gotten a few emails re: xfqcam's autoedetect
> feature.  Unfortunately, auto detect is pretty unreliable, even on my
> own system.  Sometimes
> it works great, othertimes it takes 2 or 3 tries, and others I have to
> explicitly name the port.
> I guess it was working great when I first tested it otherwise I wouldn't
> have included the feature.
> At any rate, the code is from Scott Laird's qcam library and his
> comments say that it isn't tested much.  Back to the drawing board I
> guess.

That's one of the things I'm working on..

How to detect the lpt ports, then determine if it's a bi-directional,
and then determine if a Quickcam is connected to it.

The first part is easy; the so is the second part.  The third part,
well, I think I'm going to cheat, and use the same technique that 
the Windows QuickPic program does, and that is simply send a brightness
command with a timeout, and see if it times out.  If not, there's a camera
there.  If so, no camera, onto the next one..

So the psuedo code is:

for ( count = 0; count < 3; count++) {
	camera[count].connected = FALSE;
	if (check_lpt_port(camera[count].port) == EXISTS) {
		if (sendcmd(&camera[count], QC_BRIGHTNESS, 150) == OK) {
			camera[count].connected = TRUE;

This will be in the Sunday, Feb 4 released driver set.  (if you want a
early copy, send me mail, and I'll tell you how to get it.)

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