Re: load & brightness

> > Standard IOCTL's, reading the frame buffer, syncing frames, and whatever
> > else is good in my opinion  (oh, oh, here it comes..  ICAM, the Internet
> > Camera And Motion standard.  naahhh.)
> This would be very good..  As soon as I get my QuickCam back, I'm gonna 
> finish that kernel driver (Shouldn't take long).

Should be interesting..  "Hey look world, BSD people and Linux people
CAN get along.."

> > That's it. Simple, eh?  You can do "cat < /dev/quickcam > /tmp/snapshot",
> > and get a raw file with whatever the default settings of the quickcam are..
> > Really.  You want PGM?  Make a /dev/qcpgm, or /dev/qcraw to get PGM, raw..
> > (note - these don't exist yet, but on my list of things to do...)
> I'm not really sure you'd want PGM in the kernel.  It'll probably be 
> better to just write a simple user program to grab frames and dump them 
> into PGM format.  Keep the kernel simple! :)

PGM is simple.  The data being sent by the kernel driver is already in binary
PGM format, except for the header.  look at ctest.c.

> I'm going implement a driver thats mostly compatible with yours, and then
> we'll discuss what kind of adjustments we'd like to make before 
> standardization.

I'm headed out of town next weekend, (have to work on a WAN in Western
Nebraska..  500 miles drive, oneway, to work on a WAN that stretches
over another 300 to 400 mile radius.  Hope it's clear and dry..)

I will probably do the following:

1.  Move/Add the driver into a CVS tree.
2.  Modify the XFQcam to work with kernel driver.
3.  Add ioctls for brightness, contrast, and whitebalance.
4.  Try to add some documentation on how the thing works.
5.  create one package.  Maybe even grab qcam-lib, and merge it all

I'll probably release the whole thing Sunday night, Feb 4.

Be on the lookout...

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