Re: Auto-Brightness

In an E-mail message, Paul Chinn wrote:
> brightness 255 does seem to put it in an autodetect mode but it has
> 2 problems(at least on my system)
> 1. it isn't picking a very good brightness
> 2. it is doing load flashing which it doesn't seem to do in other
> brightness levels.
> Whatever it's doing I still think that QuickPict's autobrightness
> is implemented in software because you can see the brightness
> changing frame by frame.

i tried it with the 0.23 version of qcam, and i got a black pic
consistently.  tried same settings with xqcam and got a reasonble
picture, but the brightness level floated, giving me some bright pics,
some dark pics.  i varied the light level in the room, and all it did
was make the picture darker as the lights got darker.

go figure...

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