Nat mentioned that the quickcam is sensitive to IR.  All camcorders are 
sensitive to IR (at least all that I've tested).  It's a great way to test
suspected remotes (if you drop/throw them as often as I do).  I think that
Supercurcuits carries a small CCD camera with a bank of IR leds around it
to allow photos in the dark.  The catalog show the inside of an ice box and
yes the light does go out when you shut the door!

My question concerns the load on the system.  My linux box is a tiny little
486-33 w/ 8M and I use it as a server/firewall, with ISDN hopefully up this
week.  It has 2 netcards, appletalk and CERN httpd running and if I don't
do much local Xstuff I'm this far --> <-- from swapping.  Has anybody done
any load tests?

bob maccione