Re: shocking discovery on par with polio vaccine.

  I did the same to xfqcam and it's much faster!  With bi-dir, I get
  1.92 fps.  BUT when I turn the brightness all the way down, I get
  3.91 fps!!!  Is there compression going on somewhere?

  Now all my brightness,contrast,wb settings will need to be changed - weird.

  Now my server push on my web page is MUCH faster

  check it out!

  BTW- i have a dx4-100, s3 vlb 2meg video

Russell Nelson wrote:
> Paul Chinn writes:
>  > Yes, ***110*** FPS!!! 50fps in 80x60 6bit .  All super clear.  It's
>  > pretty trippy looking, no bluring, no flashing-
> Same for me on my unidirectional board in a 486/66.  Damn fast.  *Now*
> I can see the beats from the screen refresh flashing in my qcam.  :)
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