NV Patches.. please submit them to me

Ok.. I have my Quickcam now.. so I can stride forward..

I have the TCL side of NV bits working, and part
of the snapshot side..

Others have the snapshot side running but not the TCL side..

Could anyone who has anything with NV working, please send
me the patches and I will attempt to combine them
into a working set.

(I got the origional nv3.3src working with Linux Multicast
and published the CuSeeme endian fixes.. so Ive played with it
quite a bit before)

I got NV working today using xqcam, and NV capturing the  xqcam
screen.. and talked to about 4 CuSeeme reflectors around the
place with some success

One thing I have noted is this :-

If I run NV (and also this applies to xnetview which is an Audio UDP based
thing from Streamworks) from home, the packets go out.. but nothing
seems to come back.. At home I have local Ethernet.. and a PPP link

At work.. Im strictly on Ethernet, with a router on the ethernet..

Both NV and Xnetview works fine there..

Now.. I hear you say.. oh.. thats easy.. it's putting the Ethernet
address as the from address.. which is not routed to the internet..

Well.. thats what I thought.. but I sat tcpdump on a machine at work
and send NV and Xnetview packets to it... and the from addresses were
correct! <confoozled look>

I will delve into the source a little more to try and discouver this

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