Re: qcam on NetBSD

    From nelson@crynwr.com Sat Jan 13 02:10:11 1996
    more people we have working on it, the better.  Now hmmm... can
    anybody think of a portable way to unroll the loops in qc_scan?  I
    don't think an unrolled C implementation is going to be fast enough
    because of the need to keep the I/O port in the DX register where IN
    and OUT need it.  I think it'll be portable "enough" if we use ``as''
    assembler source, because the DOS and OS/2 people can compile it using
    their respective gcc ports.

Except for those who wish to connect quickcams to their Linux alphas or
Linux-68k computers (if they have compatible parallel ports) or powerpcs
or someone not using gcc or ...

If we must sacrifice readability to the god of speed then please keep
(and maintain!) the C version of the algorithm alongside the (various)
assembler versions, presumably protected by C preprocessor directives.
That way, Joe Sixpack can at least run a slower but functional version
of the code if for some reason the turbo-charged assembler versions
don't work.

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[Who remains less than gruntled at the continued unavailability of the
 PC QuickCam hardware in Australia...]