qcam on NetBSD

Well, I finally managed to steal enough time from the rest of my life
to port Scott Laird's qcam program to NetBSD.  (The Linux box is
downstairs where there isn't anything to look at.)  Sure is nice to
have a camera that works with a real OS!  Anyway, I'll be sending the
diffs off to Scott as soon as I have time to clean them up a little,
but I thought I'd let the list know in case someone else is also
thinking of doing a NetBSD port.

Some random data points: I'm getting about 1.2 fps at max size and bit 
depth on a 486DX4-100; I don't get the garbage pixels on the left,
or the "nuke flare"; I do frequently have problems with the autodetect
code not finding the camera (even if the camera is "warbling", sometimes
the autodetect code doesn't think it's warbling in quite the right way.)