Computer display as strobe light messes up brightness

On Fri, 5 Jan 1996, Paul Chinn wrote:

>  I've put the existing
> program at http://www.1000klub.com/~loomer. 

Cool, no thought required.  I was playing with it and learned why I was 
having brightness problems with the still program.  

For one picture I'd have all the parameters correct, and the next one
everything would be dark grey.  I work in front of a computer display with
lots of Xterms, all black text on white backgrounds.  My computer monitor
acts like a strobe light.  I added a bunch more lighting to swamp out 
the flicker and now stills and movies both work better. 

My computer is under the desk, so the parallel port is far away.  It limits
where I can put the camera until I figure out how to extend the cable.  
My CPU is maxed out polling the parallel port, so I think the best 
extension cable may be an old PC with an ethernet card.

Paul Haas
http://www.hamjudo.com (sorry, no web pictures until next week.)