Wine filter / also: continuous frames issues

I was going to write some state info into the wine io tracing code- or 
perhaps a filter to process the raw dumps.  That way instead of 50 megs of 
hex numbers I'd get something like:
command: set brightness=50
command: set xsize=40
command: get picture, mode =2
Input: 4800 bytes of picture data
command: reset camera

etc. etc. etc.

But I figured someone probably already has done something similar to this??

I want this because we still have not fully cracked what is needed to get 
continuous frames.  Resetting the camera each time will work but costs 
massive frame rates (from 25 to 9 fps in one case)  Specifically I need the 
exact sequence for 6bpp and 4bpp unidirectional mode.
In 6bpp bidirectional mode the following loop works:
	send mode command
	wait for quickcam
	loop: handshakehi: get data
		handshakelo: get data
	one more handshake hi
	show image

This rocks (like I've said, as many as 25 fps) but will not work for 
unidirectional mode...any suggestions?

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