Re: Is there a picture ??

Quoth Oliver.....
>I'd first like to thank Scott Laird and Russell Nelson and the others for 
>their work ...


>> when i look at the picture, it's almost blank..
>i have about the same problems, getting images consisting mainly of pure 
>white with some grey flares, even NOT using any filters like cjpeg, but 
>looking at the original PGM with xv .

I had much the same; before my Quickcam went belly up....

Adjusting the controls in xqcam (especially the brightness) suddenly
makes the picture appear.  

FYI, the optimal settings I found for *my* camera were

	xqcam -c 140 -b 185 -w 155 -B 6

I'll see if the replacement Quickcam is different.

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