Re: nuke flare

Paul Chinn wrote:
> I've encountered an interesting imageing phenomena that occurs only with bidirectional
> mode.  It's a jagged flare around really bright light.  I've put a couple of images
> on www.1000klub.com/~loomer for people to look at and see if they are getting similar
> results.  Please take a look, it's easier than me trying to describe the problem.

Paul, I've been getting these since qcam-0.0!  I never thought much of
them, just figured it was normal operation.  I do have my parallel 
port in bidirectional mode, and haven't tried the Linux driver in

I usually got the flares when there was an intense light (e.g. a lamp)
in the field of view.. would produce sort of vertical flares and 
obscure parts of the image that shouldn't have been, i suppose. 
maybe if someone who knows intricacies of CCD's can help here...