Re: new qcam discoveries

> I grafted Thomas Davis' bidirectional code into my xfqcam and did some
> experimenting.  I've learned a couple cool things:

Great!  I've been working on it some more, and have refined the code
down.  Unfortuanly, I have mucho work to do, and probably only get
a chance to update some things, place the new code online tonight,
and leave it all alone between now and next weekend..  (perils of being

>  1. Initially I couldn't get the image to update so I added one more
>  out(0x26), inw, handshake, inw after reading the picture and that seems
> to do the trick.  Now, only the send xfermode command has to be in the
> loop.  As a result, it's really fast, my framerate has doubled.  On smaller 
> images I'm getting 24 fps- so apparently the camera has some bandwidth to
> spare (unless I'm toasting it! :^) )

What type of machine is it?  (ie, Pentium 133 ?)

The only time the camera needs to be sent the "reset" sequence is upon
program startup.  The only time needed to send the "commands" other than
"xfermode" is when you want to change the default values.

Otherwise, you do exactly what you did..

> 2. zoom modes- I can get images of any arbitrary width and height by using
> the image size commands.  The xfermode used determines zoom.  So if
> I request a 80x60 image in 320x240 mode I get a closeup, in 160x120 it's 
> a little less close and of course 80x60 mode gives a normal image.  So
> there's actually up to 2 levels of zoom- it's been a while since I've
> used Windows but if I remember right the Connectix programs only support 1.

What's really neat to do is to set it 320x240, and tell it to zoom the image
up.  You get the image in a smaller area, with black all around it.

Another one I found is the ability to get 320x240 in a 160x120 area.

Now, my question:

Anyone see any extra stuff in the images?  Like the first two bytes being
garbage, the line down the left side of the screen?

And, the best one of all,  "Where do I get the grafted program from?"

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