Next release delayed

Although I'm sure everyone was just dying to test the fourth release in 
four consecutive days, I've decided to hold off releasing it until 
tonight or tomorrow.  I just received an upgrade to the xqcam program 
from Paul Chinn that adds on-screen controls for everything.  
Unfortunately, I just don't have time to fetch the library it needs, so 
I can't compile it, and I really don't want to release untested code.  
I've also made a few changes to the qcam library, so I'm not even sure 
if the new program will link.  I'll try to fix all of this ASAP so 
people can have something to play with this weekend, but I can't see 
the point of releasing something that probably won't work.

There are a few more changes I want to make, anyway.  I've got a couple 
people interested in porting this to OS/2 and maybe DOS, and I'd like 
to make a few subtle changes to help them.  Also, qcam-Linux.c is 
getting too big for what it's suppose to do, so I'm going to reorganize 
things a bit more.  Ideally, qcam-Linux.c will provide only the 
functions that are needed by Linux (like the I/O functions and ioperm), 
and another file will contain all of the generic Unix stuff, like the 
locking code.  This should help when someone decides to port this to 
other 386 Unixen. 

I'm probably also going to try to make Paul's code use Xaw.  Yes, it's 
ugly, but it's standard.  I really don't people to have to install 
extra libraries just to run xqcam.  I may relent after a bit of time 
working with Xt. :-)

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