Re: Re: 'qcam' available via FTP.

> Now, does anyone know of a good open-standard for video conferencing?  
> Something with *source* availabe? (Nv and CuSeeme don't seem to want to 
> provide source.. so I've been thinking about something that abused PGM's 
> crossed with UDP and some other magic...)

I got NV to work with a CuSeeMe reflector properly..

A few notes...

1. THe reflector *MUST* run on a Sun or something.. (it's endian specific)

2. THe Source for NV is available, but by default is also
   endian specific and doesn't work.. I have a patch that 
   makes it work

Ive used NV on our reflector to see other CuSeeMe participants
it definately workes.. and ive even used VAT to listen to them.

I will collect the source, if you or someone would like to move
the code from qcam into NV's capture code.

I am very keen to get this working on Linux, as then people
can video conference with MBone and CuSeeme streams.

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