Foolish Me...

After seeing what little information that became available and seeing how
I wasn't doing anything on New Year's Eve anyway, I was smitten with the 
urge to hack up a Linux QuickCam "snap shot" program in C++.

I've gotten most of my framework down, its ready to go, it wants to 
output PGM on stdout.  All that I need is some more specifics in those 
``Random Notes''.

Q1. When the QC is emitting its stream of one of zeroes, where is it 
sending that? Is that coming from the status register?  Is this a 10101 
kind of stream on those 5 bits, or is it alternating 11111 00000 11111 
whenever you look at it?  I want to be able to detect the prescene of the 
QC as well.

Q2. When the PC starts a scan, does it then just grab nibbles from the 
status port until it completes enough bytes to complete the scan?  This 
is what I'm going to try and do later today.

Q3. Is there a contrast command akin to the brightness command or is that 
postprocessing of the raw scan? 

Simon Janes 				acting of his own free will...
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