What should the driver output?

Ok, I've been thinking about this one.

Let's see..

1.  The driver should be a module.
2.  The driver should have a set of IOCTL's, to set things like contrast
and brightness, scanned size (ie, 320x240, 160x120), transfer mode.

Now, my major question:

3.  _What_ should the driver output?

I've been puttering around with a driver based on someone's else driver
(that is a module, but it's really, really skeleton), and it has a
option based on how it was opened to put either bytes as is, or PGM
format (portable gray map).

4.  Status of camera?

Should it be a /proc interface?  ie, reading /proc/quickcam gives you
the current frame size, port address of camera, type of output (4bit or
6 bit), transfer type (nybble mode vs bidirectional mode), brightness
and contrast settings, or should this all be accessiable via IOCTL's ?

Personally, I like the /proc interface.  But, I'm also a believer in IOCTL's.

Decisions, decisions.

Oh, here's another one.

5. How many cameras per machine do we support?  1?  There can be 3 LPT ports,
so do we support upto 3 per machine?

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