Mac serial port speed

I wrote to Russell:
 > Russell-
 >   sorry, misplaced the list addx.  Has anyone looked into using the Mac
 > camera and writing a driver for Linux?  Why mess with the parallel port
 > at all?  Surely the serial protocal it uses must be easier to decipher...

He responds:
List address is linux-connectix@crynwr.com.

If that had been the case, why would Connectix bother with a special
PC version?  The serial Mac version runs as a higher bitrate than a PC
serial port can manage.

I don't know why they bothered with a non-serial version.  Perhaps most PCs
don't have free serial ports?  Until "geoport" came around with the AV Quadras
(and most subsequent macs, including all the powermacs), the mac's serial
port was limited to 57.6k.  It's a real problem now for people like me with
older 68040 gear that want to run ISDN TA's at bonded speeds (128k).

As I understand it, as long as a PC has a modern UART, they can do 115k on
the serial port.  People do that with ISDN TAs all the time.  I think the
serial avenue is the way to go for a linux driver.  

Any thoughts?  The Mac's serial ports are nothing to be proud of...


Too bad, too, I just bought the parallel one today.  (30 day return though...)