Re: crack open case?

If you peel off the little FCC sticker (thus voiding your warranty ;-) ),
you will find a small hole underneath. The eyeball is held together by three
hooks which protrude from one half of the case and latch onto the other
half. If you stick a paperclip or something into the hole under the FCC
sticker, you can disengage one of the three hooks. Then just use a flat-
bladed screwdriver and some patience to pry the case apart (thus voiding
your warranty...)

I did basically this, except without using the little hole since I
didn't know what was in there; the case near the seam is a little
dinged and I broke one of the hooks, but the case is pretty sturdy and
holds together fairly well by friction alone. 

(I gather you can easily change the camera focus by loosening the setscrew 
on the lens assembly, if you want to focus on something closer than 18",
but I haven't tried this myself.)