Re: testing...

   Date: Tue, 08 Jan 80 19:23:45 -0500
   From: "Theodore C. Yapo" <yapot@ix.netcom.com>

   > Is this list working?

   Yes it is.  But, unfortunately, I'm beginning to think the whole QuickCam
   thing is a fake.  Six weeks on backorder already, and no camera.  The only
   good thing is that people may have figured the thing out before I get one...

Mine was on backorder for eight weeks at PC Connection.

   Does anybody know anything about programming the parallel ports under Linux?
    I'd like to use my 2 ports on the linux box *between* the camera and a
   windows PC, and create some dumps of the data flowing between the two.  This
   could probably be decoded, especially after some experimentation changing
   the settings, etc...

If you're root, you can issue a system call that lets you access any
set of hardware ports from user mode (knowing, of course, that this
can crash your machine).  So don't enable the parallel printer module,
and just access those ports directly.

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