Re: InterestedRe: color quickcam and linux

Hi, its Stew, the EggCam guy. :-)

I've been trying to get this thing running under Linux, no luck so far.
I got the bt848 driver for the Miro PCTV card that comes with the EggCam,
the module loads OK, but when I try to do a grab, it locks my machine up
hard.  Wrote the author of the driver, but apparently he's tied up with
other things.  I'd LOVE to see this thing working under Linux.

Stew Benedict

On 13 Aug 1997, Russell Nelson wrote:

> hembree@mindspring.com writes:
>  >         I would be using it for a badging application. The user
>  > space version has too slow a frame rate.
> This is the biggest problem with a quickcam.  It takes too much CPU
> time for too low a frame rate.  My feeling is that they MUST move to a
> better interface, otherwise something like the Panasonic EggCam is
> going to eat their lunch.  Costs the same but gives you a true 30fps
> without all the CPU time spent flipping bits.  Only problem for us is
> that there is no Linux driver for the frame grabber.  Anybody have
> contacts at Panasonic?
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