Trying to decompress VIDEC in VC++5.0

Hi all,

I am writing a Video Conferencing package in Java and have made a native C
DLL library that I have created. In my first experiments, I was getting
uncompressed frame sizes of 38400 bytes (160 x 120 x 16bit). Hmmm... thought
I, "too big", so I enable Videc with medium sharpness, and whammo, down to
an average of 5kb. Thats great and all, but I now actually need to
decompress the Image data, when it arrives after being broadcast... but I
don't know how:

I have located the VIDEC codec in my codec list in C and opened it
succesfully with the ICOpen function and the ICMODE_FASTDECOMPRESS mode. I
need to setup the  decompressor, by giving it the source and destination
formats. This is where I am stuck.

Has anyone done this or know how to do it?? Example code would really help...

Thanks in advance,
Adam Wynne

Adam Wynne (adam@mail.saix.net) (awynne@cs.uct.ac.za)  

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