Re: cqcam help

> I'm trying to use cqcam in a script for grabbing pics, but the -r option
> isn't working. Where does this program look for it's setup file? I want
> to speed it up a bit by not always running the autoexposure thing.

It looks in one of six (!) places, though the prefered place is 
~/.cqcrc.  Here's a brief explanation of -r:
-r forces the program to write a brightness line to its config file
(and remove any existing brightness lines).
-a- makes the program use only the brightness found in the config file or 
set on the command line, and no auto-brightness.

So, try this for a script:
cqcam -r > /dev/null
while [ 1 ]; do
  cqcam -a- | whatever

That's a little too simple, but it's a start.  You might want to run the 
program without -a- occasionally in case your lighting changes.