Re: cqcam port.

> 	Does anyone have any knowledge about a port of cqcam to DOS. That's
> right DOS! I don't need to visualize the image just capture a frame and
> convert it to a binary image file for transport to a UNIX web server.

I made it compile once under Borland's TC1.1, but it would've failed 
runtime with >64K arrays.  Either limit image sizes to 320x200 (64K, a 
VGA 0x13 screen) or kludge that limit.  The files you want to port are 
imager.C, camera.C, port.C.  You'll have to rewrite a lot of cqcam.C, 
and you should probably just throw out all X11 support and rcfile.C support.

If you have code questions, let me know.  I don't have time to do the
whole thing myself right now.