Re: Video Conference question


On Mon, 15 Jul 1996, Alejandro Acosta A. wrote:
> 	Hello, I need to do a video server that will work among many people, every-one with camera, does any of you know how?, have an idea?, please. Example: I am in my computer and I can see 3 videos at the same time, and they can see each other and so. I need to install it over a network with TCP/IP and other protocols.
> 	If it is too dificult I can try just a broadcast, I mean: I'm in my computer and many people can see me in their computer (video and audio)
> 	Can any of you suggest me any software, server etc.

Do not do broadcasts. With broadcasts you increase the load of all
machines on your local ethernet. For that reason multicasting is invented.
It is quite easy, if you have a unix-box as server, especially on suns.

For software have a look at
http://www.merit.edu/~mbone/index/titles.html or 

Another possibility is, that you configure your box as http server and
then have on one page with a videostream (using e.g. 
http://www-vs.informatik.uni-ulm.de/soft/wv/ ). The advantage is that
people whio like to see it do not need any specialized software. Netscape
is enough. 

Third possibility is using cuseeme. Abot that I do not know very much.


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