I'm tryiing to run the 1-1 driver and am getting an error.  1st, here's
the mod:

Module:        #pages:  Used by:
quickcam           2            0
isofs              5            1 (autoclean)
ne                 2            1 (autoclean)
8390               2    [ne]    0 (autoclean)
aha1542            3            4

Here's the output after loading the mod:

qcam: init module 
qcam: probing port 0x378 QuickCam detected. (major=127,minor=0)
qcam: probing port 0x278 QuickCam not detected.
qcam: probing port 0x3bc QuickCam not detected.
qcam: device driver loaded

And here's the device file:

[root@voyager]=>ls /dev/qcam0
crw-rw-r--   1 root     root      63,   0 Jul 13 18:32 /dev/qcam0

And finally, here's the error:

/dev/qcam0: No such device

I'm on RedHat 4.2.  Any suggestions here?

Don Joy
System Administrator
SooNet Corp