So now I've become tech support #2


I just got this message about my "how to disassemble a quickcam" page:

> Thank you so much.......i think this is exactly what is wrong with my
> QuickCam, but I am all thumbs....Please, would i insult you to ask for
> your expertise in repairing my quickcam, I would not expect you to do
> this for free, naturally.  Nor would I hold u responsible for injury to
> my camera, since as it is, it is practically useless to me ...I am an
> artist and have just began my venture in Cyber-dom, I have used the
> camera a little but all are out of focus and washed out...can u help, it
> would be great Karma Points....

Hehe, so now I could start a business by repairing cameras...



P.S.: Yes, I promised the update of the disassembly page long ago, sorry about
the delay. The new image of the colour quickcam will be online soon, I am just
packed with work. Image editing takes some time...