Preparing a WebCam hard- and software review - Suggestions?


I have been asked to review WebCam hardware and software for a leading German
magazine for internet developers.

The review will not focus on the Quickcam only (too bad), but they want me to
write about other cameras, too. We already collected a list of the well-known
brands, but if you happen to have a suggestion about a not-so-popular-yet
manufacturer, please let me know.

They also want to write about WebCam software. I will mention the third party
drivers (_of_ _course_), but I am now looking for software that is written
especially to be used for webcams. We found a lot of generic webcam software
for Mac and Windows (ack!), but all the Unix webcam solutions are usually
written for one specific camera.

Do you know of a general purpose webcam server software? I don't care about the
operating system it runs on. Let me know and I will try to add it to the