qcam - failure (FreeBSD)

I'm trying to investigate why my b/w quickcam doesn't work so well
under FreeBSD (3.0-current). I have an ASUS SP3G with DX4/133 (Amd)
and nv/vic are the only clients that currently seem to work. 

qcread, cqcam (maybe it's hardwwired to color - dunno), xfqcam, and qcam
all fail in one or the other way.

I'm first trying to get qcam working.

Here is my dmesg output:
 dmesg | grep qc
qcam0 at 0x378 on isa
qcam0: unidirectional parallel port      

This is the output of qcam-0.7c with DEBUG enabled:

Command 0x0b sent, 0x00 echoed (re-read does not help)
Command 0x87 sent, 0x00 echoed (re-read does not help)
Command 0x500 sent, 0x00 echoed (re-read does not help)
Unidir 4 bpp
120 lines of 80 transfers each
160 120

Any clues?

Chris Christoph P. U. Kukulies kuku@gil.physik.rwth-aachen.de