Free VIDEC Campaign / Current prices in the US?


the "Free VIDEC Campaign" had a promising start over the weekend. However,
I wish to remind every member to sign up and show support at


I've had the first "angry" entry by someone who wrote "I bought the
Quickcam and I have a right to use VIDEC!".

I would like to note that the campaign is NOT a "honest developers vs. the
evil big corporating" thing. Connectix is a small company and even though I
do not like their ignorant policy towards us, I understand their point.
Come to think of it - we third party developers can be a pain in the neck
sometimes. That is why I try to convince them that we want to take as much
of the administrative work off their back.

Anyway, here's my original reason to write this mail.

I want to add a "value counter" to the guest book - how much worth of
quickcams the supporters own. I only know the German market prices, which
are probably about 2x the American prices. Please let me know the current
standard price for a b/w quickcam, a colour quickcam and a colour quickcam
2. Thanks.


Hanno Mueller