Re: cuseeme and nv

Well, now the x11 grabber works.  Thanks a million.  On another note, i
still get no thumbnail when i choose the quickcam grabber.  I took the
freebsd code and ported it to bsdi.  Really the only thing i changed was
i commented this out:


int enable_ports(struct qcam *q)
        if(q->port<0x278) return 1; /* Better safe than sorry */
        if(q->port>0x3bc) return 1;
        if (open("/dev/io", O_RDONLY) == -1) {
                perror ("Could not open /dev/io file ");

This is simply a check to see if access to the port is allowed.  Then in
quick_grab.c i made this change:

static void QcamGrab_GetFrame8(uint8 *y_data)
        int i, size;
        scanbuf *scan, *scantmp;
/* dummies */
scanbuf *dummyscan;
int dummyretlen;

        int shift; 
        size = qcamgl.rows*qcamgl.columns;
        shift = (qcamgl.bpp == 4) ? 4 : 2;
/*      scantmp = scan = qc_scan(qc);*/
        scantmp = scan = qc_scan(qc, dummyscan, dummyretlen);

        for (i = 0; i < size; i++)
                *y_data++ = (*scantmp++ << shift) & 0xff;


Without changing the line 

        scantmp = scan = qc_scan(qc);

I got incorrect number of args error.  Other than these 2 changes
everything else is the same.  I simply don't get any video thumbnail.
Maybe someone has a small sample app i could try to verify the qcam
driver is working properly? As usual, any help would be greatly

Ciaran Carter wrote:
> Hi
> NV is broken on most cuseeme reflectors, the origonal NV support code was
> very poor and I think that most of the WP versions dont support it. Also
> the reflector has to be setup to accept an NV connection in the
> reflect.conf file.
> On your other question, NV screen capture dosnt work in some screen
> resolution / colour depth combinations. I know it works in 1024 * 768 *
> 8bit colour.
> I hope this helps
Don Joy
System Administrator
SooNet Corp