Microcontrollers and Robots

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> > The Motorolla 68HC11 is a fine little device for such an application, I've
> > used it in robotic motion control applications in the past, it's a
> > marvelous device, low power, inexpensive, RAM/ROM/EEPROM, timers, serial
> > data, flexible I/O, alalog inputs, etc...!   I have all the development
> > tools compiled for Linux if you need them.
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> > Mike Sharkey
> > X11 Development
> > SoftArc Inc.
> > msharkey@softarc.com
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> I would be very interested in this also. Are these devices available in
> a completed unit, or does this involve building with chips and PCB's?
> Jack

I recently used a 68HC11EVB for my robot in a competition down at
Michigan. IMHO, you can't get a better microcontroller for the cost! I
think motorola still produces the EVB (its about the size of an
envelope, maybe a bit bigger). I used mine for motor control, sonar
control, speed calculation and camera switching. My cameras (4) were
actually connected through a homemade mux to a P100 laptop and the
control signals came from the HC11. The setup was cheap and simple to
use, since the EVB has a 9600 baud serial port you can snap up to your
PC just as easy as pie. It's a nice way to extend you I/O cababilities
of the PC while simplifying development.

You can use a single-CPU HC11 which includes E/EEPROM, RAM and lots of
I/O, so size is not a factor. But to get the most from the built-in
EPROM (the buffalo code) you'll want the EVB since it includes the
SCI/SPI RS-232 hardware to communicate with PC's plus it has added RAM
and a Port replacement Unit (which gives you two extra 8-bit ports to
play with).

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