Re: quickcam: I'm stunned by Connectix Tech support

Rob Urban writes:
> Connectix has the most miserable technical support I have ever had the
> displeasure of trying to contact.  They, apparently, ignore all but the
> most simple problems.  My advice is forget about ever trying to get help
> from connectix.  It's a waste of time.

I don't have the text of it close at hand, but I'm pretty sure
you're getting exactly what you signed up for on the NDA with "no
support".  In fact, if I remember correctly, you actually violate
the terms of the NDA by *asking* for support.

Hanno is right to complain, I agree, about Connectix forwarding
third-party driver questions to him.  But if you want detailed tech
support, you shouldn't sign an agreement that says, "I don't want
tech support".