Re: Too much blue

> I was wondering if anybody else has had problems with their pictures being
> too blue.  I'm using cqcam 0.4* and no matter what i change the hue setting
> to I get this bluish aura about the image.  Most of the stuff I'm trying to
> image is red or brown so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't seen such a thing, but since it's cqcam I can probably explain 
it...  The program notices that the picture is red/brown and assumes that 
this is a problem with the lighting.  So it normalizes the colors when it 

In most cases, this is a nice feature, since the color difference between 
incandescent light and sunlight is pretty dramatic, more than our eyes 
notice.  But in your case it's probably annoying.  :)  Just comment out 
(or remove) lines 58-63 in imager.C and recompile.  That's the 
do-RGB-adjust function.