Re: Bidirectional parallel port

Did you write your own drivers?

There are two reserved bits in the Control register (highest 2 bits 6&7).  I've 
found that some computers require these to both be set to logic '0' for 
bi-directional mode to work.

So if you read in the control bits, change a bit, and write it back, make sure 
that the 2 highest bits are '00'.

Just my $.02.

Steve Krattiger

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>Subject: Bidirectional parallel port
>Author:  Jim Kaufman <jmk@hi-key.com> at SMTP-Gateway
>Date:    5/30/97 2:45 PM
>I have received a shipment of motherboards that 
>absolutely refuse to work in bidirectional mode. I have 
>set them to EPP in CMOS, but they only work as 
>uni-directional ports.
>Any workarounds, fixes, ideas?