access from non-root? [warning: may be non-quickcam related]

Hello, I hope this is relevant.   I can only get any version (using 0.91 
now) of qcam to snap a shot if I'm root.   I (think) I tried suid, as

# su nobody
bash$ ls -l ../tmp/qcam-0.91/qcam 
-rwsr-sr-x   1 root     root        25730 Mar  9 22:26

bash$ ../tmp/qcam-0.91/qcam -p0x378 > out
Qcam not found
Cannot open QuickCam; exiting.                       

but as root,

# ../tmp/qcam-0.91/qcam -p0x378 > out
#       {works fine..}

I tried messing with the port permissions, to no avail..   
Any suggestions?   Thanks.

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