Announce qcread 0.2 (port to FreeBSD)

  qcread is ported to FreeBSD. GNU getopt is added into distribution 
because FreeBSD doesn't have one installed by default (as a consequence
qcread.c is now under GPL because it statically links with GNU getopt -- 
I don't think, anyone will be hurt by that change). If compiled for Linux
qcread 0.2 is exactly the same as qcread 0.1 -- improvements that will
affect functionality will be added in the next version. 

  qcwebcam 0.2 can be compiled under FreeBSD and linked with qcread 0.2 --
just add -DSIGCLD=SIGCHLD to the compiler's command line.

  I hope, qcread porting to other systems will be easier now because all
OS-specific code (including "linux-ordered" outb()) is separated from
os-independent one. 

Distribution and release notes are at